Clayton R. Paul Global University

Clayton R. Paul Global University


Advance your EMC knowledge and career with 20 hours of in-depth classes on
EMC at the
IEEE EMC Society’s premier educational event.
27-29 July 2021

You could travel the world to try to find the best university-level courses on EMC. Or you could just attend this year’s Clayton R. Paul Global University to find our Society’s most skilled and experienced educators presenting a comprehensive program of EMC information that you need for your career.

Clayton R. Paul Global University debuted at the 2007 IEEE EMC Symposium in Honolulu, Hawaii. A total of 59 engineers attended a series ten two-hour sessions from a group of international & distinguished educators.

While this special program has been a part of the IEEE EMC Symposiums for many years, the Education Committee has made a special effort this year to renew the program and rededicate its vision to more closely align with Dr. Paul’s and Dr. Canavero’s original vision. One particular goal is to provide a clear distinction between content presented in Fundamentals and that of the Clayton R. Paul Global University.


“Our ultimate goal is when you return to your work site after the course for you to be able to solve EMC problems that you could not solve before. Moreover we want to change the way you think about EMC so that your solution of EMC problems will be enhanced markedly. So be prepared for an intensive and rewarding learning experience.”
– 2007 Co-Chairs and Organizers, Drs. Clayton Paul and Flavio Canavero


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